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Sustainable Finance and ESG Investments


Since 2017, Stocche Forbes teamed up a multi-disciplinary team with the purpose of developing the legal knowledge related to the design of sustainable financial instruments in Brazil, that can enable the transition to a greener and low-carbon economy.


In this context, sustainable finance relates to the instruments, frameworks and infrastructure that enable the raising and allocation of capital to activities that can promote the sustainable and low carbon development. Such activities are those that, at the same time, (i) comply with legal and good practice standards in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects and that (ii) are capable of providing environmental and/or social benefits, especially in the context of a transition to a low carbon economy.


ESG Investments are those that regard compliance with ESG-related legal and good practice standards as a crucial factor in terms of investment risk assessment.


To that extent, knowledge- development and sharing is a cornerstone of our team´s work. We are continuously in the lookout for new solutions and trends related to ESG opportunities and risks, and for this purpose we actively engage in several discussion and educational initiatives such as the Laboratory for Financial Innovation (LAB), in which we offer our perspective and legal analysis as well as provide capacity-building materials and training, including on a pro bono basis. Our team is part of the critical mass of professionals that actively contribute to the construction of the legal basis for sustainable finance and ESG investment tools in Brazil.


Our team also advises national and foreign clients in mapping, designing, drafting, negotiating and executing fundraising structures and investments for sustainable activities, including via bonds issuance, debt security, agriculture and real estate bonds (CRAs and CRIs) and other instruments of the securities market, as well as banking financial instruments, private equity and other innovative and tailor-made solutions through well-structured and sophisticated blended finance mechanisms.


Our advice includes structuring social impact business models, including by identifying potential partners that can match the fundraising instrument.


Finally, our team also provides tailor-made assistance to clients in terms of mapping and managing risks and opportunities related to ESG aspects, by providing legal analysis and a framework to incorporate an ESG risk-management into their practice.


Our significant transactional experience allows us to have a more comprehensive and business-objective approach in the context of sustainable finance and ESG investments. We provide legal opinions that are highly technical and, at the same time, retain a broad perspective of the associated risks.



Beatriz De Azevedo Marcico Pereira
Camila Pepe
Henrique Bonjardim Filizzola
Marco Aurelio Rabenhorst Saliba
Raphael Niemeyer
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