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Our firm offers a full service performance on the power sector, performing in an integrated manner with all practice areas, such as: Regulatory, Infrastructure, Corporate Law, Tax, Environmental, Real Estate, Compliance, Labor and Employment, M&A and Capital Markets, in order to add an extensive knowledge on matters of high complexity over all the production chain and to ensure that all the aspects of any complex project are properly backed and secured with focus on a personalized and high-quality result for each client.


We rely on a team of lawyers who are expert on Public, Administrative and Regulatory Law, with recognized experience on legal, administrative, and judicial counseling focused on the power sector and in all of its segments – commercialization, distribution, transmission and generation, including new structures of self-generation, distributed generation, offshore generation, green hydrogen and carbon market.


We advise on all the regulatory aspects and administrative proceedings before the entities of the industry, such as the Electric Energy National Agency - ANEEL, the Ministry of Mining and Energy - MME and the Chamber of Commercialization of Electric Energy - CCEE. We also represent our clients with a specialized work in sanctioning administrative proceedings, litigation against the government, judicial litigation and arbitration. 


Our services also involve specialized due diligence over power assets and legal and regulatory advising for participation on bidding procedures, public-private partnerships, power generation and transmission biddings, and other types of delegation of services and works to local and foreign companies, also including the performance on merger and acquisition operations in the power sector. 


We have an acknowledged experience on the structuring of power projects and supporting the main commercial agreements that are needed for its development, including the creation of joint ventures and the elaboration, negotiation and risk analysis of EPC contracts, equipment supply agreements and power purchase agreements (PPAs). 


Along with the Infrastructure, Banking and Capital Markets teams, our lawyers advise the main agents of the industry in complex financial and corporate transaction for the development and execution of all the projects´ phases, with the structuring of equity and debt options, project finance through bank syndicates, onlending and guaranty involving the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES, capital markets or transactions involving multilateral agencies, credit agencies and other international finance companies. 


Our practice also includes the tax structuration of the operations and real estate and environmental matters that are relevant to each project.



André Mestriner Stocche
Bruno Gandolfo Damico
Emilio Pescarmona Gallucci
Fabiano Marques Milani
Frederico Moura
Guilherme Forbes
Laercio Munechika
Marco Aurelio Rabenhorst 
Mariana Saragoça
Raphael Niemeyer

Ana Clara Viola

Frederico Accon


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