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Private Equity


Stocche Forbes teams regularly represent local and foreign private equity firms, investors, banks and other financial institutions in all aspects related to their businesses, including the financing structure and fund raising, fund formation, the performance of their investments, the management of the invested portfolio and their divestment transactions.


Our attorneys are in constant search for the most sophisticated and creative solutions and investment strategies, which allow, above all, the best, most efficient and safe-kept businesses for our clients.


Our analysis, knowledge and constant multidisciplinary work provides our clients with a one stop shop in regard to their transactions as players of the competitive private equity market, always delivering the best and most adequate tax, corporate and antitrust approach.



André Mestriner Stocche
Bernardo Kruel De Souza Lima
Bruno Rodrigues Bercito
Emilio Pescarmona Gallucci
Fabiano Marques Milani
Flavio Meyer
Frederico Moura
Guilherme Forbes
Igor Finzi
Luciana Stracieri
Matheus Campos
Paola Carrara de Sambuy Gomes
Rafael De Almeida Rosa Andrade
Raphael Niemeyer
Ricardo Peres Freoa
Teo Silva Galvão
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