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Foreign Investments


We advise foreign clients from the beginning of the development of the business plan in Brazil, its conception, implementation and operationalization, whether through direct investment, vehicles or partnerships with Brazilian companies. We also advise clients on the design of international structures for investment in Brazil, determining the most appropriate from the Brazilian point of view.


Our assistance in the development of the business plan, in addition to the high technical quality and legal rightness, is done in a practical way, with economic models (e.g. tax, customs, corporate, labor costs), using technology tools to enable a more accurate pricing and advise clients on cost and profitability calculations. Due to our long experience, we were also able to more accurately estimate the step plan and the timetable of the entire investment and operationalization process.


Brazil is one of the most complex jurisdictions on the planet, so we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists in all areas necessary for the implementation of foreign investments in the country: corporate, tax, regulatory, labor, environmental, banking, intellectual property, data privacy, among others. Our expertise is not limited to being fluent in English and several other languages ​​or being very accustomed to the peculiarities of a foreigner setting up a company or investing in the country, but we understand the foreigners' vision, their wishes and objectives: many of our lawyers have studied and worked in other countries, particularly in the world's largest economies.


In addition, we have a contact network of related service providers, which directly assist the client in the operationalization of business in Brazil, such as customs brokers, accountants, representatives of foreign shareholders, interim managers, personnel management companies, advisory companies in obtaining visas, real estate, trading companies etc. We know that, many times, foreign investors still do not have the know-how or adequate network of service providers necessary to start the operation.


Many multinational companies usually choose Brazil as an investment hub for South or Latin America, as it is the largest market in the region. As they demand our coordination of regional work through local service providers, our office has contacts in all jurisdictions in the region, so that the work is carried out quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality.



Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes
Paulo César Teixeira Duarte Filho
Paulo Henrique Pinese
Raphael Niemeyer
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