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Operational Contracts and Project Development


Our firm has a specialized team on structuring, developing and supervising the implementation and operation of projects in several infrastructure and industry sectors. 


Stocche Forbes’ Operational Contracts and Project Development team is dedicated to drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements required for the development of projects in multiple areas, such as energy (power generation from renewable sources, transmission lines and distribution), logistics and transportation (ports, airports, roads, subways and railroads), oil and gas (extraction, refining, distribution of oil, gas and subproducts), industry (mining, steelworks and others), sanitation and telecommunication.


We have a strong track record in working with supply agreements, services agreements, engineering, procurement and construction agreements (EPC), balance of plant (BoP), turbine supply agreements (TSA), operations and maintenance agreements (O&M), joint operation agreements (JOA), joint development agreements (JDA),  take of pays and several kinds of offtakes. 


Our team has also great expertise in complex contract management, working in close coordination with the client on risk analysis, claim revisions, drafting of notices and counter-notices, negotiating with counterparts, loss adjustment process within the scope of insurance policies, pre-litigation counseling, drafting of settlement terms, terms of release, amendments, among others. Through these activities, we are frequently able to avoid litigation and, when it is not possible, the case will already be well prepared for litigation. The practice also maintains a record of all communications exchanged among the parties, thus preserving the history of the discussions held, irrespective of any future changes to the persons representing the client in the discussions.  


We have solid experienced in contract management related to, for example, contracts for the construction of gas terminals, port terminals, transmission lines, solar and wind power plants, chemical and mechanical recycling plants, of subways, among others.


Besides knowing the business and the market in which our clients work on, our team excels in specialized knowledge of civil and construction law and for the capacity of working with engineering concepts necessary for adequately understanding and allocating the projects’ risks.


With the purpose of offering to our clients complete, safe and innovative solutions, the team works in coordination with the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Prevention, Regulated Industries, Environmental, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Tax and Labor and Employment departments.



Bruno Gandolfo Damico
Guilherme Forbes

Ana Clara Viola


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