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Stocche Forbes’ Carbon practice area is formed by a multidisciplinary team – composed of members of environmental, corporate, contractual, real estate, tax, financial, labor, compliance and regulatory practices areas – advising national and foreign clients in the most diverse demands involving carbon projects.


The multidisciplinary composition of the practice allows our team to carry out a complex, integrated and comprehensive analysis of issues related to the needs of our clients. We can make highly technical and, at the same time, pragmatic legal recommendations, and always based on a global analysis of all related legal aspects.


We support our clients with the development of carbon strategies, with the identification of opportunities for action in the context of carbon market instruments and other means of climate finance. We also advise our clients on the design of business models and infrastructure related to carbon markets, always guided by the principles of environmental integrity and the best practices in the sector.


Our team has extensive experience in the most varied projects related to carbon, working end-to-end, with services that include:

I. Development of carbon strategy and analysis of risks and opportunities involving carbon via legal opinions and memorandum;

II. Analysis of areas and activities elegible to the development of carbon projects;

III. Conducting legal due diligence on companies, real estate, intermediaries and carbon projects in corporate, real estate, environmental and compliance terms, including carrying out background checks under these perspectives;

IV. Fiscal, land and corporate structuring of these businesses and project structuring in terms of investment, financing and development;

V. Designing strategies to optimize the taxation of the proposed structure, evaluating possible tax risks, and evaluating and negotiating special tax regimes and tax benefits that may be applicable, with the identification of potential tax opportunities in the development of projects;

VI. Contractual advice for developers, owners, intermediaries, brokers and financiers, including reviewing, structuring, drafting and negotiating contracts related to the carbon market, such as partnership agreements, debt agreements, carbon credits purchase agreements and intermediation agreements;

VII. Legal advice for negotiation with traditional communities;

VIII. Legal advice on the tokenization of carbon credits; and

IX. Legal advice in the contracting of debts backed by carbon credits.

We also advise our clients in the elaboration and structuring of internal policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Such action comprises both policies aimed at aspects that must be observed when developing carbon projects and requirements for the purchase of carbon credits - always with a view to guaranteeing the integrity of business practices from the Environmental, Social and Governance standpoint (ASG).


Among the various works carried out by our team, we highlight the legal-regulatory modeling for the creation of a system for trading greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) project, an initiative of the World Bank and the Ministry of Economy.



Beatriz de Azevedo Marcico Pereira
Raphael Niemeyer
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