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Corporate Law of Closed Companies

Our team represents national and international clients in all aspects of their daily activities, including the incorporation of companies, carrying out complex corporate reorganizations (splits, mergers, incorporations of shares and others), the preparation of corporate acts (partner meetings, assemblies general, amendments to constitutive acts, among others), as well as the registration of these documents and compliance with corporate rules, including, without limitation, filings with the applicable Commercial Boards and other government authorities.

We provide advice to foreign clients on all applicable corporate aspects, including the implementation of structures for their representations, the conduct of their activities and the structuring of management for their businesses in the country. We have extensive knowledge of all corporate legislation applicable to limited liability companies and closely-held companies and provide solid advice in relation to the commercial interests of our clients.



Thiago Porto Ribeiro


Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paulo Henrique Pinese

Paulo Henrique Pinese

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