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Privacy, Data Protection and Technology

Stocche Forbes has assembled a highly specialized and multidisciplinary team to provide consulting on matters related to privacy, data protection, and technology.

Our lawyers possess extensive experience and deep knowledge of Brazilian data protection legislation, particularly Law No. 13.709/2018 (“General Data Protection Law” or “LGPD”). We are prepared to assist our clients with the legal adaptation process to the LGPD, implement data protection governance structures, and conduct team training on best practices and protective measures to ensure that data and technological innovations are handled with the highest standards of care and compliance.

In the event of a data breach, our team is ready to conduct internal investigations, take corrective measures, and notify authorities and affected parties as required by law.

We are also prepared to provide legal advice to our clients on interactions with foreign countries and economic blocs regarding personal data protection, agreements for the shared use of data with Brazilian or foreign data processing agents, specific documents for international data transfers, and the drafting of global corporate norms. Additionally, we are capable of developing frameworks focused on simultaneous compliance with multiple privacy legislations for global corporations, aiming to standardize internal procedures and consolidate a corporate culture of data protection.

As new technologies emerge, our specialists are ready to offer guidance on how to integrate innovations, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), in compliance with data protection regulations.

Aware of the indispensability of technological resources for the processing of personal data in the era of Big Data, our team seeks alignment between the application of technology and the protection of human values. In this regard, we provide guidance on best practices in the use of automated decisions, profiling tools, chatbot implementation, and other forms of AI closely related to human subjectivity.

At the convergence of legislation and technological evolution, our team is capable of addressing a wide range of demands, whether consultative, administrative, or contentious, involving privacy, data protection, and issues related to the digital world and new technologies.



Bartira Roberta Funez

Roberta de Brito Rodrigues Rozenthal

Thiago Porto Ribeiro


Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

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