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Post M&A

Our office has a multidisciplinary team that represents national and international clients in all aspects subsequent to the consummation of a purchase and sale transaction, carrying out detailed monitoring of the main transactional documents, in order to monitor any and all obligations and indemnities arising therefrom.

We offer automated management of all post-M&A stages through a customizable system accessible in real time by the client. We implement the schedule so that all deadlines are automated, with automatic billing from the parties involved and digital monitoring of demands. We act dedicatedly in preparing all necessary notifications, counter-notifications, correspondence and agreements, as well as any and all negotiations within the post-M&A context, with support from all areas of law, especially the litigation team, so that all communications exchanged are analyzed and drafted in a manner that avoids litigation or, at least, maximizes our clients' chances of success if a dispute becomes unavoidable.

Our lawyers maintain direct control and monitoring of the cases in which our clients are involved, which enables the proactive, individualized and detailed advice that is already characteristic of Stocche Forbes.



Thiago Porto Ribeiro


Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paulo Henrique Pinese

Paulo Henrique Pinese

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