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Operational Contracts and Project Development

The firm has a specialized team for structuring, developing, and overseeing the implementation and operation of projects in various infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Stocche Forbes' Operational Contracts and Project Development team is engaged in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for the development of projects across multiple sectors, including energy (generation from renewable sources, transmission, and distribution), logistics and transportation (ports, airports, highways, subways, and railways), oil and gas (extraction, refining, distribution, commercialization of oil, natural gas, and by-products), industry (mining, steel, among others), sanitation, and telecommunications.

We have solid experience with, among others, supply contracts, service contracts, administration contracts, engineering, procurement and construction agreements (EPC), balance of plant (BoP), turbine supply agreements (TSA), operations and maintenance (O&M), joint development agreements (JDA), joint operation agreements (JOA), take or pay, and various types of offtakes.

Additionally, our team has extensive expertise in the management of complex contracts (contract management), working closely with clients on risk analysis, claim reviews, drafting notifications and counter-notifications, negotiations with counterparties, claims regulation, pre-litigation advice, and drafting settlement terms, releases, amendments, among others. Through these activities, we often prevent litigation, and when that is not possible, we ensure the case is well-prepared for the contentious phase.

We have experience in contract management related to, for example, contracts for the construction of natural gas terminals, construction of structures in port terminals, implementation of power lines and other electricity transmission facilities, implementation and operation of solar and wind farms, implementation of chemical and mechanical recycling plants, implementation of subways, etc.

In addition to understanding the business and market in which our clients operate, our team stands out for its specialized knowledge in civil and construction law and its readiness to work with engineering concepts necessary for understanding and adequately allocating project risks.

To offer our clients complete, secure, and innovative solutions, the team works in an integrated manner with other areas of the firm, such as Dispute Prevention and Resolution, Regulatory, Environmental, Corporate, Tax, and Labor.



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Bruno Gandolfo Damico

Bruno Gandolfo Damico

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Guilherme Forbes

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