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Stocche Forbes’ environmental team advises national and foreign clients in a wide range of demands, focusing on identifying socio-environmental and climate legal risks and proposing solutions for the management of such risks.


We advise our clients in dispute avoidance and in judicial and administrative litigation cases, arbitration and investigative procedures involving environmental matters, together with the Stocche Forbes’ Dispute Resolution and Prevention team.


Together with the Infrastructure, Banking and Capital Markets teams, we advise on the development and financing of large infrastructure projects involving, mainly, the energy, mining, transport and sanitation sectors.


We act in environmental legal diligences in the scope of real estate and corporate transactions, including in the context of the development of carbon projects, with the possibility of continuing the work after the conclusion of such transactions to address and monitor any environmental contingencies that may be mapped.


Our team advises clients on day-to-day and complex consultations of environmental nature and prepares memorandum and legal opinions, including within the scope of the transactions it advises.


In this work, we strive for solutions that bring legal certainty, efficiency in the use of resources and prevention of damages to our clients, including reputational ones.


Strong transactional experience allows our team to take a more comprehensive and objective approach to environmental issues related to our customers' needs. We can make highly technical and, at the same time, pragmatic legal recommendations, always based on a global analysis of all related risks.




Beatriz de Azevedo Marcico Pereira
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