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We provide high-quality services connected to the acquisition of rural properties at various Brazilian agricultural borders. We have deep knowledge in the history of the rural property in Brazil, focusing on the identification of risks arising out of the ownership chain and proposing effective solutions to address such issues.


Our team has vast experience in rural property acquisition, collaterals, land parceling and georreferencing. Among the issues and contracts we address are those related to rural lease and partnership agreements, purchase and sale of commodities and raw materials, surface rights, rural real estate regularizations and assessment of tax impacts.


Our experience includes the legal structuring of agribusiness transactions, involving financing, investments, services, M&A, as well as joint ventures of agribusiness companies and public offerings of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA).


Particularly regarding environmental aspects, we are perfectly capable of dealing with the licensing of rural activities, regularization of permanent preservation and legal reserve areas, negotiation of agreements with environmental authorities, environmental management and auditing.


We also have a strong presence in agribusiness litigation related to environmental, banking, civil, commercial, competitive, contractual, intellectual property and tax matters.



Alexandre Laizo Clápis
Vilmar Lima Carreiro Filho
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