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Labor and Employment


The labor department has a strong actuation in the prevention of legal disputes, developing internal policies and planning in order to adjust labor and social security practices to legal requirements and court precedents applicable to each business.


In addition to the aforementioned, the labor department also has a strong actuation in the review and implementation of variable compensation plans and long and short term incentive plans, as, for instance, profit sharing plans and stock option plans, with the intention to bring into line employees/executives and employers’ interests in order to attract and retain professionals.


The labor department also assists clients in integrating companies, developing and structuring employees’ transfer plans and merger of different benefit packages, outsourcing processes and internalization of services providers in order to reduce risks and questionings generally arising from these situations.


Moreover, the labor department also acts in negotiation with labor unions to draft collective bargaining agreements, with the main objective to solve conflicts and align interests.


The labor department also acts in the labor litigation area, representing clients in judicial lawsuits and administrative proceedings, mainly in strategic suits and proceedings, defined by pleadings and amount involved. In case of administrative proceedings, the labor department assists clients, inclusively, in inspections made by labor and social security authorities, as well as investigations conducted by the Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office.



Daniela Yuassa
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