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Corporate Law


Our corporate law team represents local and foreign clients in all aspects regarding their day-to-day activities, including the incorporation of companies, the performance of corporate restructurings in general (consolidations, spin-offs, mergers and others), the drafting of corporate documents (partners’ meetings, shareholders’ meetings, amendments to incorporation documents, amongst others), as well as the filing of these documents and the compliance with corporate rules, including, without limitation, the registry before the applicable Boards of Trade and other governmental authorities.

We advise foreign clients in all aspects involving corporate law, including the implementation of their legal representation structures, the conduct of their activities and the structuring of their management for their businesses in the country. Stocche Forbes has renowned and consolidated experience in the representation of foreign clients, in all aspects related to their activities in Brazil and has a team with significant expertise in assisting these clients and in the safe and detailed management of the corporate matters applicable to their businesses.


Our attorneys have significant knowledge of all corporate laws applicable to privately and publicly-held companies and provide solid business-oriented advisory services to our clients, always safeguarding their commercial interests.



Alessandra Zequi
André Mestriner 
Bruna Bellotto
Bruno Rogrigues Bercito
Daphne Minerbo
Emilio Pescarmona Gallucci
Frederico Moura
Flavio Meyer
Fabiano Marques Milani
Guilherme Forbes
Igor Finzi
Luciana Stracieri
Matheus Campos
Paola Carrara de Sambuy Gomes
Paulo Henrique Pinese
Pietro Bianchi
Rafael de Almeida Rosa Andrade
Raphael Niemeyer
Ricardo Peres Freoa
Teo Silva Galvão
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