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Intellectual Property


We have a team specialized in several fields of intellectual property, with activities that include, among others, brands, domain names, copyrights, software, intellectual property contracts, information technology contracts and franchises.


Counting on the experience and knowledge acquired based on several transactions carried out by the firm, our lawyers conduct intellectual property due diligences, prepare, review and negotiate contracts involving intellectual property (licenses or assignments of intellectual property, franchising, supply of technology, provision of development, partnerships, among others), conduct and coordinate intellectual property registration processes, act in judicial and administrative proceedings, as well as respond to general inquiries on intellectual property.


Our team usually works together with other practice areas of the firm, offering multidisciplinary legal advice focused on the needs of each client, always prioritizing excellence in the provision of services.


Main products and services:

I. Assistance in registration procedures for the protection and monitoring of brands, industrial designs, software, domain names, copyrights, among other assets. We work from prior research and strategy definition, to the submission of documents and monitoring of administrative processes with the responsible bodies (INPI, ANCINE, National Library, etc.).

II. Legal due diligence specialized in Intellectual Property.

III.Assistance and monitoring of administrative, civil and criminal measures for infringements of intellectual property rights (trademark conflicts, copies, piracy, plagiarism, unfair competition etc.).

IV. Contracts and agreements involving intellectual property such as licensing, granting and assignment of rights, supply and transfer of technology, patents, provision of technical services, structuring of franchises, software operations, and contracts involving copyright in entertainment, including books and works artistic works to musical compositions and audiovisual productions.

V. Technological cooperation, research and development partnerships, including public-private partnerships to enable the development and exploration of new technologies.

VI. Registration of contracts involving intellectual property before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

VII. Advisory and litigation in the Advertising and Entertainment Law segment, including guidance based on the legislation and ethical standards of the sector, including the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Code (CONAR) and representation of administrative proceedings before CONAR and representation in judicial litigations.

VIII. Advisory and drafting/revision of contracts and other legal documents related to franchising.



Paola Carrara de Sambuy Gomes

Roberta de Brito Rodrigues Rozenthal

Thiago Porto Ribeiro

Bartira Roberta Funez


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