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Fraud Prevention and Asset Recovery


To assist our clients in the prevention of frauds and assets recovery, Stocche Forbes has the support of lawyers with large national and international experience that have different backgrounds (civil, business, criminal, labor and regulatory) working in an integrated way.


Our experience covers litigation, preventive and advisory work, in cases involving frauds committed against companies, banks and public or private institutions. We perform our activities in a discreet, fast and efficient manner to avoid or reduce potential economic and reputational damages to our clients.


Seeking our clients interests, we also conduct internal investigations to identify potentially illegal or irregular practices involving frauds and misconducts, analyzing the best measure to be taken in national and international territories in order to trace, locate and recover assets.


Together with international firms, we pursue the most suitable civil and criminal measures in foreign jurisdictions, aiming, for example, to freeze, search and seize and restraint fraudulent assets, in order to prevent them from being dissipated.


We also work alongside and coordinate the services rendered by intelligence companies specialized in investigating and tracking assets of any nature, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as in the study and implementation of programs to prevent frauds.



Camila Pepe
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