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Consumer Law and Product Liability


We advise our clients both in the prevention and in the dispute resolution involving consumer law. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the consumer protection agencies and entities (Procon, the Public Prosecutors’ Office, the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice, the Consumer Police) and have been working since the approval of the Consumer Protection (Code No. 8,078), in the preparation of corporate policies and operational manuals, in assisting the implementation of call centers and consumer services, in the training of clients and their employees dedicated to customer service, structuring and drafting contracts, reviewing advertising campaigns, conducting recalls, etc. 

In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience in conducting administrative and judicial proceedings involving consumer law, including public and collective civil actions and actions aimed at challenging sanctions imposed by consumer protection agencies.



Luis Guilherme Aidar Bondioli
Rafael De Carvalho Passaro
Wilson Newton De Mello Neto
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