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Listed Companies

Stocche Forbes has a team specialized in the assistance of publicly listed companies in all applicable matters, including the management in their daily activities and the decision making processes, aiming at identifying and managing associated liability risks.


In order to accomplish this, we resort to professionals with in-depth experience in regulatory requirements, reporting obligations, fiduciary duties, corporate governance matters, stockholder relations, executive compensation, employee policies and risk oversight.


Our work includes designing, reviewing and implementing codes of best practices; advice in connection with daily decisions and compliance with the Brazilian Securities Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – CVM) and the Bolsa, Brasil, Balcão (B3) regulation, including the fulfillment of company’s periodical and eventual information submission obligations and advice in preparing responses to inquiries made by such local regulatory authorities. Furthermore, our team works on the proposal of structures to ensure compliance with all applicable local requirements in all the transactions involving public held corporations and listed companies.


Jointly with our litigation specialists, we prepare rapid and robust strategies to enforce rights or defend financial, securities and reputational disputes with CVM. Our professionals have deep experience with investigations by Brazilian securities regulator CVM and administrative proceedings involving the compliance of the Brazilian capital markets rules and regulation.




Alessandra Zequi
Bruna Bellotto
Daphne Minerbo
Ricardo Peres Freoa
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