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The tax team at Stocche Forbes is composed of experienced professionals educated at the best universities in the country and abroad, many with additional training (in accounting, economics, foreign trade, information technology, etc.). Multidisciplinarity is part of our DNA, and we believe that, especially in the tax area, knowing more than just Tax Law is essential for effective, high-quality consulting tailored to our clients' needs.

This is exactly what we do: we provide 360º legal-tax advisory services, with a complete portfolio of solutions for all tax demands affecting businesses and operations in Brazil, at federal, state, and municipal levels, as well as in international transactions.

We have developed an integrative model, ensuring our clients do not need to seek multiple service providers for different demands, thus avoiding inconsistencies, errors, additional costs, and delays: opinions, memorandums, tax planning, lawsuits, quantification of lawsuits, preparation and/or correction of ancillary obligations (e.g., CIAP, EFD, ECF, etc.), tax calculations, preparation and negotiation of tax benefits, economic modeling, planning and implementation of OECD model transfer pricing, technical-fiscal reports, assistance to ERP companies (e.g., SAP, Totvs, Oracle), etc. All of this, coordinated and centralized, is performed by our own tax team.

Although fully integrated and multidisciplinary, our tax team is divided into two major areas of expertise – Direct Taxes and Indirect/Customs Taxes: this specialization brings efficiency, accuracy, and maturity to the work. Within these areas, the teams engage in advisory, litigation, audit, transfer pricing, tax review, and what we call "tax intelligence and technology," allocating appropriate professionals to each of these cases:

Tax Advisory

- TAX CONSULTATIONS regarding company operations, financial and corporate restructurings, supply chain, liability and guarantee management, international transactions

- ANALYSIS of assessments to mitigate potential future risks

- EVALUATION of identified risks and opportunities for business sectors

- TAX BENEFITS – development, discussion, and support in negotiation and implementation

- TRANSFER PRICING – consulting, documentation, and implementation of systems (new transfer pricing rules – OECD)

Business Litigation

- ADMINISTRATIVE and JUDICIAL DEFENSES against assessments, negative decisions, liability assignments

- PREPARATION of refund and federal debt compensation requests

- FILING lawsuits to secure credit rights

- THESES developed by our team generally or specifically by sector, such as energy, oil and gas, telecom, food, pharmaceuticals, footwear, cosmetics, beverages, agribusiness, mining, luxury market, among others

Tax Intelligence and Technology

- TAX INTELLIGENCE through internal audits and proposing operational measures to reduce the overall tax burden

- MINING of tax assets by reviewing and raising credits based on sector specifics

- PREPARATION and correction of ancillary obligations for credit recognition

Audit and Tax Review

- AUDIT of companies from various sectors on a recurring basis, bringing specialization

- TAX REVIEW of companies focused on eliminating tax liabilities

- CROSS-REFERENCING ancillary obligations to identify inconsistencies

Assistance with Transfer Pricing issues and their systems

We are business-oriented, understanding market practices and the economic impacts of legislation, and we know how to translate the complexity of the system into numbers and practical terms. Thus, our tax area also works closely with all other areas of the firm, such as M&A, foreign investment, project financing, banking, capital markets, infrastructure, real estate, among others.

We invest heavily in technology, developing in-house technology and tax solutions and obtaining licenses for the most advanced technological tools on the market, such as Alteryx, Python, Huve, Qlik, PowerBI, transfer pricing systems, among others.

We advise the leading market players, including national and foreign entities operating in all sectors of the economy, as well as individuals and funds, participating or having participated in the most complex and sophisticated operations in the country.

Our transfer pricing team is one of the only ones in Brazil truly specialized in the new OECD-derived rules, with professionals who have years of practical experience dealing with these rules abroad.

We also stand out for our strong performance in tax litigation, which we call "Business Litigation," assisting our clients not only in tax disputes at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels but also in defining strategies and crafting innovative theses, both administratively and judicially, to eliminate taxes and recover improperly paid taxes in the most efficient manner possible.

The lawyers at Stocche Forbes closely monitor the processing of the disputes we handle for our clients, enabling timely and proactive interaction with various adjudicating bodies, ensuring that no case is judged without all facts and arguments being correctly submitted and thoroughly explained to the judges. Consequently, our clients are always updated on the status of disputes and aware of the next steps to be taken.

Finally, we believe that direct and simple communication is synonymous with sophistication, especially in an area dealing with the world's most complex tax system. Therefore, our work and our members value these guidelines, always trying to establish a straight line between two points, with language appropriate to the business world and, whenever possible, bringing practical effects to what we are expressing.



Andreza Ribeiro

Andreza Ribeiro

Carlos Scharfstein

Carlos Scharfstein

Paulo César Teixeira Duarte Filho

Paulo César Teixeira Duarte Filho

Paulo Leite

Paulo Leite

Renato Lisieri Stanley

Renato Lisieri Stanley

Renato Souza Coelho

Renato Souza Coelho

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