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Labor and Employment

Our labor team has a strong role in preventing litigation, developing internal policies and plans that aim to adapt labor and social security practices to legal requirements and jurisprudential trends applicable to the reality of each business.

We have a strong presence in the development, review and implementation of short and long-term variable remuneration and incentive plans, such as profit sharing programs and/or results and plans linked to shares, with the aim of aligning the interests of companies and executives/employees , aiming to attract and retain these professionals.

We also assist our clients in integrating companies, developing employee transfer plans and merging different benefit packages, and in outsourcing or insourcing processes of service providers, aiming to minimize potential risks or questions that commonly arise in these situations.

We also participate in negotiations with unions to develop collective work instruments, aiming to resolve conflicts and align interests.

We also work in the litigation area, representing our clients in judicial and administrative proceedings, especially strategic actions, whether due to the matter discussed or the amount involved. In administrative processes, we advise our clients, including monitoring labor and social security inspections, as well as investigations conducted by the Public Ministry of Labor.



Daniela Yuassa

Daniela Yuassa

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