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Regulated Sectors

Our team is made up of lawyers with recognized experience and knowledge of the most complex regulatory aspects of the main sectors of the economy, with emphasis on the areas of infrastructure, which contributes to the quality of the work carried out within the scope of the corporate and financial operations in which we are involved. .

Our team has a solid track record in conducting discussions and processes related to the main regulatory agencies, such as ANEEL, ANP, ANATEL, ANM, ANTT, ANTAQ, ANAC, ANA, ANVISA, ANS, as well as State and Municipal agencies, and in sectors and activities regulated by direct administration bodies, such as the Ministry of Education.

We provide advice to companies operating in regulated sectors in relation to the interpretation and compliance with applicable standards, in the analysis of the business structure vis-à-vis the regulatory aspects involved and in sponsoring the interests of clients before regulators.



Frederico Accon


Mariana Saragoça

Mariana Saragoça

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