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Fraud Prevention and Asset Recovery

Our team comprises lawyers with extensive domestic and international experience, working in integration with the civil, corporate, labor, and regulatory departments to assist our clients in preventing corporate fraud and recovering assets.

Our expertise covers contentious, preventive, and advisory roles in cases of fraud affecting companies, banks, and public or private institutions. We act discreetly, swiftly, and efficiently to prevent or mitigate potential financial and reputational damages.

In the interest of our clients, we conduct internal investigations to identify potentially illicit and/or irregular practices involving fraud and embezzlement, always analyzing the best measures to be taken for tracking, locating, and recovering assets, both nationally and internationally. In partnership with law firms around the world, we are fully equipped to take necessary civil and criminal actions in foreign jurisdictions, aiming, among other measures, to block, seize, or search and seize fraudulent assets to prevent their dissipation.

We are prepared to coordinate and collaborate with intelligence companies specialized in the investigation and tracking of assets of any nature, as well as in the study and implementation of mechanisms to prevent fraud and embezzlement.



Camila Pepe

Camila Pepe

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