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Digital Influencers

Stocche Forbes brought together a highly specialized and multidisciplinary team to provide consultancy on matters related to Digital Influencers.

Our professionals have extensive experience in all areas of Law, and have in-depth knowledge of topics that guide the daily lives of Digital Influencers, working in sensitive areas such as contracts , whether with suppliers, clients, partners and/or associates. , in order to guarantee the legal and economic protection of our customers; intellectual property and LGPD , ensuring the protection of brands, patents, domains and personal data; litigation , advising our clients against intellectual property abuse, unfulfilled contracts and agreements, platform fraud, etc.; and tax , carrying out tax planning in view of the diversity of activities and revenues, studies for possible requests for tax benefits, calculation of taxes, adjustments to tax regimes, billing model , classification of activities and issuance of notes. All aimed at ensuring business profitability, mitigating risks, increasing competitiveness and improving media exposure.

Our team is prepared to serve Influencers and their teams, such as agents, accounting professionals, other legal professionals and other service providers.

We understand the digital influencer sector , its characteristics, complexities, diversity of remuneration and activities, which is why we provide individualized service to each one, as we know that each business model has its own characteristics.

In addition, we serve clients from various sectors related to influencers, such as: artistic, teaching, business, journalism, media, beauty , events, sports, finance and other related areas.

We are business-oriented , understanding market practices and the economic impacts of legislation. We know how to translate the complexity of the system into a practical way . Our characteristics make us a solid consultancy capable of meeting all our clients’ needs.



Lorena Silva Guimarães

Mateus Lino Ferreira


Andreza Ribeiro

Andreza Ribeiro

Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paola Carrara De Sambuy Gomes

Paulo César Teixeira Duarte Filho

Paulo César Teixeira Duarte Filho

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