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Anti-Corruption Compliance and Corporate Investigations

Our team seeks to provide the client with a broad analysis of the compliance risks involved in projects not only from the perspective of Law No. 12,846/2013 (“Anti-Corruption Law”), but also considering other risks associated with the business, such as termination of contracts, difficulty in obtaining financing, reputational risks, among other aspects.

We assist clients in conducting compliance training, implementing and improving compliance and anti-money laundering programs based on the company's culture and industry particularities, as well as carrying out due diligence focused on compliance topics.

Our team has highly experienced professionals in conducting corporate investigations related to allegations of corruption, fraud, money laundering, violations of internal controls, harassment, cartels, leaks of confidential information, among other aspects. In addition to this, we provide assistance in the negotiation of leniency agreements, defense in administrative or judicial proceedings relating to the Anti-Corruption Law and other related legislation.



Camila Pepe

Camila Pepe

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